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The Love That Lasts A Lifetime

I almost forgot how much I love to read, until I got over obsessed with an e-book version of “Mortal Instrument: City of Glass”, then I remembered how much I love reading a physical book.

No it’s not like I don’t have real books to read, it’s just I keep reading back old books of mine.

I’m the kind of person who will tidy up the side table, making sure all the books are back on shelf, then the next day I’ll start having books piling up again just because I have the habit of reading before going to bed and I’m too lazy to put it back nicely.

And it’s also because I always find peace in reading. I remember when I was younger, whenever I feel upset or annoyed or maybe lonely, I’ll have myself drown in fictional world and discover people’s stories.

I think that’s why I’ve been a librarian my whole life, continue in becoming a Chinese Studies student, then later take up a job that requires me to write.

My passion for reading and writing has given me the perfect future, or so I think, one that I know I will enjoy and feel satisfied.

Thank you, books.


I Am What I Am

So I’ve decided to revamp my blog.

I’ve always felt darker inside, so black and red was my kind of color.┬áBut now, I feel more colorful and energetic, like I’m capable of doing wonderful things. Be creative and live healthily.

I’m starting to do what I’ve always looked forward to, and I even start exercising every week.

It’s like the animals don’t bite anymore, everything seems so quiet and clam now.

And I’m happier than before for sure.

I don’t know what has changed me, nothing has changed around me, except me.

That’s why I want to pick up blogging again.

To draw images and memories on my wall again.

I feel so contented with my life, and I’m loving it.


Failing It The Hard Way

Yes I know this blog is dying.

I’ve become so unmotivated to post, regardless what I have in mind.

Now that I have a smartphone which allows me to take pictures, yet I’m not doing it at all or I’ll just post it on Instagram instead of transferring it to my lappie.

I’m failed in blogging, after so many years of being a so called blogger (okay lar I always claim myself as one but now failing it so hard).

Almost 3 months of emptiness here and this has proven how lazy I’ve become!

Okay let’s try to be more motivated to take interesting pictures and blog more okay?

Maybe I should start blogging about what I love to wear?

Cause I want to start dressing up to work instead of wearing comfortable T-shirt to work!

Argh, we shall see if I keep my words.

Have a good March!