the angels were all wrong now

i have no mood for classes or readings or thesis or whatever.

and i just feel like it to type something here.

so i’m just going to randomly write whatever here.

first day of classes were okay, but ain’t that great, still i love my translation’s tutor ’cause of her passion in doing translation. i like rainy days in kampar or else it’ll be very hot. it’s sad to know my dear housemate is going through a hard time now, i wish he’ll be fine soon. i love love having karen and lawrence back here ’cause i’m having so much fun catching up things with them, though talking with lawrence will always cause me high blood pressure. it’s just weird but sweet having a pink bear sitting on my study table, accompanying me every time, hehehe.

and damn, i hate to miss him this much. =[

off to bed.



Whisper to the Tame Animal

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