My life gets kinda boring.

Life is pretty busy now since I started working since yesterday. And I should say the job is challenging but it’s fun at the same time. XD

Small kids are just so cute, they say words that will make you laugh. You can just find their true soul in their eyes. But of course, there’re kids who know how to fight back you words and don’t want to cooperate with you. But let’s just hope things will get better, I’m gonna know them more well and they’ll know me more.

It’s tiring to work 10 hours per day, so I’m afraid that I might somehow abandon this blog. And I’m afraid that there will be a lot of complain and boring posts come out once I’m not that blur about my job. Lolz! But who knows, maybe I’ll talk about kids who make me laugh or cry and share out my experience in dealing with different type of things (this won’t be so boring right?).

The boyfriend is not here for me today, but he was sweet enough to come after his work yesterday since it was my first day of my first job. So yea, my boyfriend is awesome and loving! I love you boyfriend. =]

P.s. I miss being a student, since I’m a teacher now.


4 thoughts on “My life gets kinda boring.

  1. That’s why!
    Come back and we shall have fun okay!
    Super duper boring these days, so nothing to update about, LOL!

  2. lol ..i rather u be in this life , ur previous days emotion are 大起大落 ahahaha … not good for health =p

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