And after all, you’re my wonderwall.

So here I am again, for my 2010 review post.

I’ve graduated! Which means, I’d left Kampar after spending 3 years there. My last 2 semesters were great, even though I’ve been busy with assignments, as usual, plus thesis! But it was all great spending time with my classmates, girlfriends, and women inside the class or outside at mamak, or maybe Ipoh! LOL! It was all sweet memories though we’ve been through hard times too. But I’m glad that we all hang on together, ’cause we’ve been through tick and thin together. All my classmates/coursemates, thank you for being there for me when I needed your help or support. We’ve been through a lot of things together. Yes, we lost that one precious girl together and learnt to be appreciated. I’m so glad that I got to know you all, and I will never forget about you all and all the time we’d spent together!

Kampar has been a good place for me to spend 3 years there, with now it has McDonald and Secret Recipe there, I bet it’s gonna be even better? But seriously, I miss Kampar, even though I sometimes hate it ’cause it made me felt lonely. But no, I do miss that place. I miss that lake, the campus, the always-full car park, the too-crowded cafeteria, the full-of-students residential area. I just miss that mountain so much! I’ve never regretted for going there and I’ll always miss that place, the place where I’d got the chance to learn to be independent.

And, I’d experienced my first job ever as a day care center’s tutor! LOL! But yea, I’d resigned from that job ’cause I’ll be doing something else starting next year. It’s been a good experience to me. I got to know kids who loves me or hates me, but still I had a good time hanging around them though sometimes I need to scream at them. It’s been only one months and few days, but the relationship that I got to build between me and my students will forever stay inside my heart. And now I know how I need to educate my children after years? Hahaha, maybe.

Special thanks to my girlfriends Karen, Elaine, Stacy and Mandy ’cause you girls rocks! And you girls never fail to be there for me when I needed you girls, I heart you girls lots! <3 Plus, my dearest women Yien, Tsyr and Wen. Thank you, you woman, for being there for me when I tear and got hurt, and never fail to support me always! I love all the time we spend together, hang out together during holidays and visited places together! <3 How could I forget about you, Javy? Thanks my dear, for being there for me always, and always write for me. Your words are too beautiful and you know it’ll always give me strength. Take good care alright my dear? <3

And as you know, I fell in love with this one awesome guy that I met during the year of 2010. Yes, I never thought that I could be able to love again in that short time of period. He’s not prefect, he screwed things up sometimes and he got mad at me sometimes. But, he’s my darling dearest boyfriend who I heart him with all my heart. We’ve been through arguments together and we got mad at each other, but I’m glad that we made it through and you hang on to me. Thank you for not letting me go when I was about to let go of myself. It’s not gonna be easy for us to stay together next year, ’cause you’ll be busy with work and me too will be busy with my career. Let’s  do this together alright darling? I promise I’ll be good and I’ll really appreciate all the time that we got to spend together. Have faith in me, in you, and in us okay? I less than three you, always.

And you. You know who you are but you’ll never got to read this ’cause I won’t let you read my blog. You’re an impossible in the year of 2010 and I never thought that I could met someone like you. I think I know your everything ’cause we’d shared so many things together. And you never fail to make me laugh and keep me happy. And you’re so bad that you always made me jealous about you and all the delicious food! (I’m still gonna hate you though you bring me to eat! =p) I’m just, really really glad and felt so lucky that I got to know you before this year end. Promise me you gonna stick around k, though you gonna be gone to the far away land soon. And I just gonna miss you much.

It’s been a great year, and I wish to have a better year ahead!

Happy New Year!

Stay happy and healthy always!

And I’ll always love you.


7 thoughts on “And after all, you’re my wonderwall.

  1. ceh………’s too late……..thinking want to send u a present……but,nah…..forget it………..><

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