She made a decision that she wanted to move on.

It’s over.

That one thing that I once thought it’s gonna stay forever is gone now.

I’ve chose to let go.

I’m walking away with tears in my eyes.

You don’t know how much it teared me up inside to make this move.

Waiting is the hardest part, yet I can’t find anything to hold on to.

And I tried so hard to bring myself together to tell you this.

I’m sad to leave, yet I think this is the right thing to be done.

Don’t make me doubt, don’t come back.

‘Cause I loved you so..

Don’t hurt me, anymore.

I’ll remember you, and all the beautiful time.

I’ll always smile whenever I think of you.

I’ll never forget that you once made me believe in forever.

I’m sorry that I’d chose to let go of you and what we had together.

I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you with my decision.

I’m sorry for loving you a little bit too much.

And you know I’ll always wish the best for you.

I’m glad that I had you for once in my life.


Take good care of yourself, would you?

p.s. Maybe you do worth the wait, but it’s me who is not strong enough to wait anymore longer.


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