You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine!

I’m just got back from my very first company’s annual dinner!

I’m full, I’m happy and I’m satisfied!

Even though I didn’t won anything from the lucky draw. hehehehehe. My boss was awesome enough to make iPad, iPhone4 and 3 mini notebook for it, and I enjoyed watching those who won those super amazing prizes from my site. But it’s okay, at least there was a guy from my table won blender *yea he was expecting the iPhone4 or iPad though*. XD And it was fun to watch Steven shouted his number for the Lucky Draw session ’cause he wanted that iPad so much! LOL! And all of us felt so glad that no one brought oven/rice cooker/toaster back home! =p

Oohh, the food from that restaurant was quite good too! Though they served it quite slow, but it was kind of worth the one-hour waiting. No it wasn’t because of the chef, but ’cause there were a lot of people who came it super late. XD But it was okay, someone kept me busy with messages *Thank youuuu* and finally they decided to start serving food at 8pm! The dessert was delicious, but I was too full for anymore dessert. XD

It was really nice to hang out with colleagues at the annual dinner. I get to know my colleague better! Like Steven, I didn’t get any chance to talk to him in the office and I actually thought that he was quite unfriendly *I’m sorry*. But I get to talk to him tonight at the table, and he was being really nice and friendly. And I get to know Ah Peng too! I’ve got to know some other colleagues from other department, and I took the only picture of the night with Alfred from Customer Service department! =) I’m just really glad that I chose to attend and get the chance to know everyone else.

Being the blur me, I almost got lost on my way home. XD Lucky enough for me to see Jim’s car at the traffic light, then only I knew I was going the wrong way. LOL! I was so glad that I’m back home safe and sound, didn’t need to call someone for help. =p

It’s been a long day, with work and annual dinner. =)

And I can’t wait to go out with you-know-who-you-are tomorrow! ^__^

p.s. It’s okay to think and to miss,  ’cause it proves that I really did gave in.


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