More than words to show that this love is real.

I’m in office right now, talking to you on msn while trying to hold back my tears.

The thought of you leaving soon somehow tear me inside. Though that I know you’re only physically gone for one year, you’re still here with me, you’re still going to be around, and I’m able to see your words, to feel you in between words, smiley and punctuations.

But it’s hard to finally come to the time when I need to accept the fact that, you’re going to 3000miles away and I’m going to be 3000miles away from you too.

I wouldn’t be able to feel you, physically. I wouldn’t be able see you on weekend. I wouldn’t be able to hint you to come over to my place during night time. I wouldn’t be able to hold you and tickle you. And this is going to last for one year. I’ll be staying at home on weekend, writing my stuffs on laptop and wait for you to come online. I’ll be going out with friends, or maybe I’ll bring them to those places that we’d went together. I’ll be missing you every seconds, I’ll be dreaming of you.

I couldn’t imagine how much I’ll be missing you by then.

I didn’t realize how much I’d fall for this, for you. But now I know how much I care for this, ’cause it tears me up inside to come to think of the fact that we are going to be apart, and all I have inside my mind is just…just stay…

Yet I know, things would never turn out this way if you doesn’t need to go away. This one year, it’s just something that Fate wants us to go through before everything. If we can go through this, it means that we can go through anything else by then, right? I want to believe that this is going to make us strong, this is something that will strengthen our relationship, not something that will tear us apart.

But being the irrational/emotional me, i wish you could just stay.

Please forgive me, if I ever tear at the airport.

I’ll be waiting, at the same airport for you to come back.

And at that time, I’ll be glad that it’s over, and you’re back.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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