You’re the best I ever had.

I was suppose to write you a Valentine’s Day post in office but I’m running out of time!

So, Happy Valentines Day hun!

I promise it’ll always less than three. :)

A proper valentine’s post will be up, soon.

It’s 12.30am and Valentine’s over.

And it was so awesome to spend time with you.

Dinner was great with you and the nice-but-bit-noisy restaurant! The food was delicious with the super awesome company sitting to my left. I’m so glad that you moved to sit next to me but not in front of me, ’cause I wanted to be closed to you and you were like so far away sitting in front of me. Thank you hun, for booking the table and gave me a really nice valentine’s dinner. I appreciated it lots. <3

I can never get bored just by sitting next to you, even though we run out of topics to talk at that time. Though I still couldn’t stand your staring, but I know I’m going to miss it when you’re not around to stare at me anymore. I love to tell you stories, or you wanna called it by drama, ’cause you’ll always listen from the start till the end, you’ll always concentrate in everything that I said.

And hun, that’ the prefect ring for now. The ring which fits my middle finger so well, it’s the perfect thing that you would want to give me before you leave. Because I’ll always wear it, it’ll always be with me and reminds me of you. That’s the best gift I ever wish for. The ring is a promise from you, the sweetest promise ever, and I know you are intend to keep it, no matter how hard it is. And honey you keep in your mind that I will play my part to keep this promise too. Because I doubt I could ever find someone like you, again. I’ll never give this up, not until the end of this, with you.

The key chain I got you, it’s very meaningful to both of us. It symbolized how we met and that’s the start of everything. I wonder if we never took up the opportunity to talk at the first place, things wouldn’t turn out to be this way. “Us” would never happen without the start. I’m so glad that everything turn out to be this way, though you going to leave in such a short time, I’m glad that things had come this far between us. I wish the key chain will always reminds you of me, and remember just like the historical places at the place where we me, our stories will last that long and that strong.

I’m wearing the ring now while typing this, but I wasn’t at the few paragraphs ’cause I took it down before I shower. Then I realized I wasn’t feeling calm ’cause something is missing on my finger. It’s now so important to me, you’re so important to me.

Time is running out, and I wish it’ll stop here, even it’s just for a while.

Yet I know, there’ll be a lot more Valentine’s Day with you. Everyday with you is a Valentine’s Day to me.

I love you, more than yesterday and less than tomorrow, for now.

I’ll always be right here, whenever you turn around, you’ll find me right behind you.


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