Come around to me.

You’re now sitting in the airplane, sleeping with your earplug, silently like no one is there with you.

I’m here with my wet hair, sitting on the cold floor and listening to songs, trying not to think.

I know it’s going to pass by in just a second, you’ll be busy with studies and I’ll be busy with work. We’ll talk often, as long as we both are free we’ll be chatting online or talking on the phone. Yet it still nag me inside to know that we’re going to be apart with i-don’t-know-what-seas-or-mountains-or-lands.

I’m sorry for the tears that I’ve shed in front of you and your family. It was hard to hold back the feelings, and when you told me not to cry, it just all came right back to me. It was so hard to let go of you at that moment, it was incredibly hard to tell you that, I’ll see you soon. It was just that moment. I’ll see that picture of you waving at us or just let me be selfish for once to think that you was waving at me. And I’m sorry for shedding another tear because of that.

You’d told me a thousand times not to think about this, yet I can’t get it out of my mind because my mind told me not to be worried, but my heart is afraid of any form of changes, because of this distance. My mind and my heart just couldn’t reach an agreement yet. Just not yet. So give me some times, to finally talk things through with my heart, alright?

You always says that I’m better in writing than talking. Yes, because I’m a writer darling. And there’re so many feelings that I don’t know how to tell you on the spot, but to write down here so it feels like it’s real. I’d always felt touch whenever you do nice things/talks to me. And I couldn’t tell you how I’d felt ’cause it was too hard to describe it on the spot, than sitting down quietly and write down how I actually felt. And you always give me goosebumps and all I want to do is just hide my face ’cause I’m scared that you’ll see my smiles or the blush I’ll have on my face or I’m just too shy to respond. Yet, I’ll never forget what you’d said to me. Everything is just more than precious to me.

I watched you sleep silently in my bed last night. And soon, you’ll be watching me sleep in your bed again. We’ll be able to hold each other again, to whisper, to tickle and to just stare at each other. And I’ll always be the loser in the staring competition.

Soon, we’ll have it all back, right?

So… Be good alright? Don’t fall sick please. You know how much I’ll be worried, so just eat good and sleep well.

I’ll be here whenever you need me. I’ll always be right here. Waiting and missing you.

It actually felt like, you’d gone for quite some times already, but you just left a couple of hours ago.

All I wish is, all the notes will keep you company, till I’m in your arms again.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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