This is the fate you’ve carved on me.

I was sitting at the passenger seat, still blurring after I’d been woke up by big sister to drive out to pick youngest sister up at college.

We were going down the Kesas Highway. And that was the time when that awful memory just came back to me.

I was driving down the Kesas Highway. I was feeling so bad, all the things that happened during the past weeks were tearing me down inside. All I wanted to do is just, go home. I was driving fast, maybe incredibly fast. I cut lines till I was driving at the fast lane. I wasn’t thinking straight I guess, and all I did was just stepping on the accelerator.

That was the time when I realized that someone put out traffic cones at the fast lane due to some highway improvement. The traffic cones were right in front of me and I tried to cut into the middle lane. I did an emergency break and I think I kind of stopped right before the traffic cones. And at the back of those traffic cones, were few highway stone-divider.

It might be the day that I leave this place. I almost got myself killed. I almost killed some other people.

I was shaking and cursing myself after I “saved” myself. Stayed at the slow lane till I got home, and cried so hard when I saw my mum. I’ve never tell them about this incident. Mum thought I cried because of what’d happened the past weeks.

Darling, what if I really die in that incident?

I’ll never get the chance to know you. I can never be with you.

Not in this life.

I’m so glad that I survived. I’m so happy that I met you, and here we are. I’m glad that we’d made it through the second day. *winks*

Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of myself here. I will, drive safe.

And I would want to meet you again, in my next life, maybe.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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