All that’s waiting is regret.

To whom-it-may-concern,

I’m sorry that I’d chose to end us that way.
I’m sorry that I didn’t reply any of the messages, and being sort of cold to you when you called.
I’m sorry for everything.
‘Cause I no longer know how to talk to you, not anymore.
I don’t know how to not remember all your ignorance you’d gave me, when all I asked for was just a little bit of your attention. And I felt like I was a abandon kid.
I don’t know how to feel plainly nothing when I see something that remind me of the “us” we once owned.
I don’t know how to be friend, for now. When everything is still fresh in my mind.
All the heartbreaks, heartaches, disappointments and never-ending waiting…all the empty promises.
You never seems to try to do one thing for me, yet I’d gave it all out to you.
I can never win over your career, your friends, your interests.
Though you said you couldn’t afford to lose me, I don’t see it at all that time.
So..forgive me for being like this now.
Please ignore me when you see me the next time, don’t remind me that I was like a nothing for you.
Don’t remind me that we used to have something we hold strong together before.
Don’t say Hi, don’t smile, don’t do a thing.
I can pretend like nothing has happened.
Yes, because everything was just a memory when I’d gave our love-story up.
You deserve someone better, someone who can give you all the freedom you want.
I once thought that I can bear with it, but sorry that I finally realized that you couldn’t afford to give me what I want.
And I can never be the one who you’re looking for.

So don’t ever come back to me.

p.s. yes, I have someone else now and you don’t get to get me back.

From me.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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