We are not anyone else’s ghost anymore.

It hurts to see you felt hurt because of the past.

We all have history that remains in our mind as memories, thought sometimes we wish we don’t need to remember all those things. Yet, that’s what made us who we are now. It’s okay to remember what we’d been through. Whatever things we’d done prove that we once put all our heart in for someone that we once fell for. It prove that we were being sincere and we can do everything for the one we love.

Yet it hurts me to see you feel uncomfortable to remember what she’d done to you. The scar she’d left on you, doesn’t kill us, yet it still hurts inside your heart.

I truly believe that it’s all history now, but then I understand the feelings you have in your heart whenever it comes back to you. The little heartache that you can’t ignore though you try to, kills a little bit of you inside. It only reminds you that you once fell for someone who is not meant to be, and it feels stupid to do everything and thought that things might works out. All the memories you’d created with her is not as sweet as before anymore, not after you’ve seen things through, you know things will never work out that way anymore.

And then everyone will want to runaway, avoid meeting this someone, ’cause we are all afraid that all the memories will bring us back on ground again. When now you and I, is living happily at the heaven.

Don’t get me wrong hun, I’m not saying that what you have with her before will be tearing us now. All the memories you had with her is something she’d left with you this life, she’s still a friend no matter what. And I understand the pain/nagging you have in your mind whenever we talk about this.

Yet I wish, I wish you will be able to face this pain. You’ll be able to just a friend for her, go back to the very start when you just know her. Forgive and forget.

That’s the reason I wish you could somehow bump into her, and start talking like a normal friend. Like how you guys have been doing, before you met me.

I believe in you, I have faith in you. I’m not afraid that she can break us down just like that. So I’ll be there with you to face this pain, to confront the you who is scared to face your past, who is trying to tell you that just ignore whatever that happened before since now you’re happy with me.

I’m glad that things turn out this way, I thank her for hurting you ’cause that’s what made you brave to tell me.

That’s the reason why, I’ll always be there with you, even the moment you finally bump into her.

Wear your nice smile big bear, say Hi and do the usual chatting.

You’re no longer her ghost, I’m no longer his.

Because I’m all yours, and you’re mine.

p.s. I might be a little over thinking. *winks*


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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