Would you think I’m unreal?

I don’t really like to use headphone after all.

Because I have this idea in my mind that by using it I’ll spoil my incredibly good hearing.

I’m really good in hearing – which make me a auditory person more than a visual person.

I can hear all the soft voices/noises. And I always need to listen to people, in order to believe and to know what they really think or feel, though I can sense it. This does not mean that I don’t trust whatever I see with my own eyes, or the feelings I get. It’s just as the auditory person, I always depends on listening to be fully confident about something.

I always ask for comments. I always ask people how do you feels. I always throw out tons of questions, and often ask why. I always love to listen to people – their stories, problems, feelings and all sort of things. I always need to be listened to be 101% confirm about something. See, how annoying I can be as a auditory person.

Ever since I started to work, I have the habit to use headphone because apparently I can’t put on speaker in my office and have all my colleagues to listen to my kind of musics. I enjoy good music, and I sometimes put on loud music to wake myself up. But I’m so afraid that I’ll spoil my hearing. Though how annoying a auditory person can be, I will always want to be like this.

But I just proved that I still have my good hearing after all. Because I can still tell that my neighbor is back home from the soft engine’s sound.

And I will still use headphone, as long as I don’t have my own room in office. And as long as I need it to talk to my big bear.

Ohh, by the way, I’m so addict to Rachael Yamagata’s songs now. I think I just found another good song of hers too!

p.s. I can always remember your voice, because I’m a auditory person. *winks*


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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