You were the air in my breath

Dear big bear,

Since you said my last post was very sad, so I’m here to at least try to write some happy things?

I told you I went hang out with uni mates at Pyramid last Sunday. And I thought of you a lot when I was walking around there and when I was having my dinner.

We went there together even before we have us. You accompanied me for clothes shopping, we hang out for lunch at Carl’s Jr. and went for a movie, and we even accompanied my little sister to shop and went for another lunch at Restaurant Xian Ding Wei! You brought your jacket that time, ’cause I said I was feeling cold at office. You made me wear the jacket when I was freezing inside the restaurant. And I smiled when I was sitting there eating my food with uni mates around.

It’s not easy to watch other couples to cuddle inside the restaurant or hold hands together or hug each other at there. ‘Cause I know I can have it all too if you’re around, when you’re around. I miss holding you, touching you, tickle you and just “mess up” with you in my own way.

I miss you so much hun.

And yea this ends up with another i-miss-you-so-much post.




Whisper to the Tame Animal

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