Months going strong now and no goodbye.

The best thing in my life now, is to watch you on my screen.

And it always cheer me up to see your smile, but it always bring me down to notice how the distance annoys you.

I want you to be happy, wearing that big smile on your face all the time. *But you know I’ll be here to watch your sad face and deal it with you*

I know how annoying is the distance between us, it gets me sometimes also.

But I have work, I have my funny colleagues and I have you to entertain me.

Yes you have your assignments, classes, and also cooking duties. Yet you stay a long time in front of pc looking at me, talking to me or just stare at me.

I think the staring-at-me-for-too-long reminds you too much of the distances, and you should really go out and enjoy your life.

Go out and enjoy the sun or the cold wind. Walk down the road and get yourself sundae (and I promise to not comment!). Hang out with the guys in their room while omm nomm noom your pizza. Play games with the guys and scream over whatever happens in the game. Entertain the guys with your guitar.

I will always want the happy look on your face after you came back entertaining the guys with your guitar. For you to be even happy, I wouldn’t be so selfish and ask you to stay with me in front of pc all the time.

You know I love you.

And I’ll do anything to put a smile on your face.

p.s. Fyi, I deleted everything in my lappy and pendrive. It’s all clear.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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