If I could take you away, pretend I was queen.

So, today  is a boring day.

I think I got so used to see you on my screen everyday, especially on the weekend, so I’m left in a blank state when you’re away at Sydney.

I miss you, like a whole lot.

I tried to keep myself companied with groceries shopping, cooking ABC soup, movie on PPS, sleeping in the afternoon, dinner with my family, another writing and msn chatting with friends. But I still felt a little bit empty inside, though I have your messages once in a while the whole day, and I really do wish it won’t cost you like A LOT for this month phone bill.

I know I’ve been alone here for almost 2 months, and I should be fine without you around. And yea, I’m fine without you around physically, but not visually.

I have the whole day to clear my mind after the whole week of work. Not like I didn’t have time to clear my thoughts out with you around, but the difference is you’re not here to talk to me about whatever I have in my head. I thought about I-don’t-remember-what-was-it things, and then I have no one to tell ’cause apparently everyone else at home was busy with their own things.


It’s going to be an emo post if I continue ranting about you being away and I don’t want to give you the feeling like I don’t feel okay with you were to go have fun with friends or so.

I just….miss you a lot hun..

And I’m really really glad that you’ve had fun over there with all the good food, good music and awesome friends.

Good night you.

Promise I’ll make tomorrow a more productive day.

Maybe a shopping session with cute colleagues with they call? =]


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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