Underneath the city lights

Today is really not a very productive day though.

Weather is too hot for anything else other than sleeping.

So I practically spent a lot of time in bed with my sweet pillows and comfy blanket, without remembering I need to get something done to make it a productive day.

Ohh, maybe I did! I did my weekly task – cleaning floor and wash toilet. *okay it’s my weekly tasks so you can’t call that a very productive things to get done right?*

So I really did spent lots of bed in bed. Sleeping like a pig who doesn’t need to worry about a single things. And got jealous of boyfriend’s delicious pork rib simply ’cause he was too kind to mms me that picture! kekekekeke Before and after getting jealous of the pork rib, I technically just rolled in bed with a book in my hand.

I bought that book with boyfriend on one of our date, but I never get the chance to finish it. Too many things happened that time, and I was overwhelm with emotional and also decisions making. So yea, I finally remember about this book and dug it out from piles of books, decided to continue reading it today.

After a long long time, I’ve finally get to really get to read something that I’ve never read before.

And it feels so good! =]

Anyways, boyfriend is on his plane back to his living town now.

I shall go doll up(?) and wait for his appearance on skype….

…with my pajamas of course. *winks*


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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