I could be the king, you could be the queen.

So, it’s wednesday night today!

You’re asleep now as usually since you’ll be having a long day tomorrow.

So I took my courage to put on nail polish, since Jie left her newly bought nail polishes on coffee table! According to the label, it says the color is Shining Ebony from Elianto. But for me it’s just black nail polish with a lot of golden powder in it.

Yea yea, so I have 10-black-colored fingers now! Ehehehehe! I’ve always put on nail polish before i go off for a vacation, so for the coming ones will be black! But no I will not want to turn black after I’m back from Bali, I’ll make sure I bring sunblock with me.

I don’t really know what to write here ’cause all in my head now is about work. I love my job, I adore my colleagues, I like my company (me guess). But I think this is just a stage where all people go through when they first step into the working world. We all need to find a balance in everything, even if it’s work. I just need to find the balance and suit myself into it. So wish me luck won’t you? And I think I’m actually doing a good job in finding the balance.

Nothing much happened these days, other than work and my usual stuff. Ohh, I do want to give my good-luck wish to all my friends who are currently sitting for their final exam in their university life! Good luck and welcome to the real world! *sincere and a little evil smile*

Okay, I promise to have a proper update soon.

Good Day!


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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