It’s a small crime.

Okay I know I’ve not been update much here, and I’m so sorry about it.

I’ve came back from Bali. Nice island, super hot weather, Malaysian kind of food (though it’s Indonesian food), tremendously nice beach for water sport! Bali is the only place that I’ve visited and I can’t tell whether it’s nice to be visited. Of course it’ll be nice to travel there and enjoy the nice sandy beach, but then I just can’t tell whether it’s nice or not.

Life has not been easy for me since I’ve came back from Bali trip. You name the scale of hatred for office politic, I’ll tell you the maximum number of it. Yes I’ve been dealing with office politics since I’m back and I hate it so much. Why can’t people just tell colleagues about work civility, but must do it to humiliate the others? I just hate them for doing all these to those who are innocent, and you’ll be sorry for whatever that you’d done. I’m truthfully sorry to have to show my evil side, and you’ll be extremely sorry for had triggered my evil side.

And I shall leave the topic above as it is. I’ll be just fine dealing with it, and you might need to pray for the opponent, for me I will never let them step on me again.

Oh well~

I hope everyone have a nice week, for me is not going to have a relax ones, not before I finish my current emergency project.

I wish you well and health and happy.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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