It’s not hard to love you.

To the one and only that matters,

You always apologize to me whenever you have work to be done, and I’ll be just sitting boringly in front of the laptop doing my own things or just stalk you.

I don’t know whether all guys do that when they need to leave their girlfriend aside in order to finish their stuff, but you always do that. And, honey you really don’t need to be sorry about it.

I truly understand that you need to get your work done, for you to graduate and come back for me. I enjoy looking at you while you’re concentrating on your work. That is the most handsome you (okay, not like you’re not when you’re not doing your work okay?). I just enjoy stalking you all I want over 3000 miles, without you noticing it and turn to make fun of me or even tickle me.

I have no idea how time has passed so fast since we parted at the airport. The airplane that I’m about to board later in July, is that plane that you took to fly off to Aussie. And it must be truthfully sorry for taking you away, since it is going to bring me to you safe and sound this time. I can foresee me trying to sleep in that not-very-comfortable seat, imaging the expression you’re going to have when you see me at the airport, and then smile at myself.  I wish that I do not freak the one who happens to sit beside me then.

I just can’t wait to be in your arms again. It feels like it’s been forever since you’ve stepped away at the terminal. It feels like it’s been century since I first love you, and continue loving you every day.

Concentrate on your studies, for you to graduate on time, for me to not get question by your mum about your result. ;p

Go on and tell everyone that you have someone who loves you deeply and truly. Because I certainly do.

Yours forever.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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