Months going strong now

So, I’ll be having quite a boring July ’cause I’ll be acting like I am a superwoman!

Okay, maybe not super, but supar. ;p

The reason why I said I’m going to be like a superwoman, it’s because I need to be one, at least for the next two weeks. Blame those who didn’t come out with the perfect planning, and I’m here to clean up their mess (partially it’s my fault also, so yea). I’m being responsible enough here to sort out what I need to do, YOU better don’t sabotage me in any ways, or be prepared to receive my counter attack regarding this. XD

Yea, I know I’m being a little too sensitive, aggressive and mad when it comes to work. I admit that I really did act that way whenever things didn’t turn out well/good.  And I do know it’s not good for me, and the others. I’m trying to find the balance here, you see. I’m still on my way to search the right way to keep this balance. I do not want to go all aggressive when people treat me that way, and I do not want a revenge. Playback is such a waste. =/

Eeeee, I’m so sorry to make my blog post either too mushy or too somber.

But I really have nothing much to say. Relationship is as good as the warm hun is having now in his room (yea he’s studying now ’cause he’s going to sit for his final next week). Work is going to be good, I hope. So you see, I really have nothing much to say. ;p

Ohh, I’ll have things to say when July is around the corner!

And I’m all excited over it already! Hehehehehehehehe

You know I love you, and I always will. =]


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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