Everything’s easier when you’re beside me.

To my boyfriend,

I’ve always remember Lawrence telling me that I did not felt safe with him or felt like he belongs to me, because I’ve always referred him as “the boyfriend”. That was one of the time that I’ve actually realized I was feeling very insecure in that relationship.

On the contrary, I’ve always refer you as “my boyfriend”, from the very start of the relationship till now (of course). Even when we were just friend, I’ve always thought of you as someone who is so dear to me.

We’ve come so far, from that very first “Hi” till the “I miss/love you” now.

None of us actually thought about the distance at first, all we knew were just how much we want to stay at each other side. Both of us starting to think about the distance when we both realized how much we are attached to each other, but time was running out and you’ll be leaving in days. Both of us told each other, though it was most likely to convince ourselves, that we are going to be alright. At the airport, we were forced to be parted for months. But, the long awaited arrival of me in Melbourne will be next week.

I do not know why do I feel so attached to you, I just do. I do not know why I feel so safe around you, I just do. I have no idea why do I want to see and talk to you about everything, I just want to. I have no idea why I could just tell you everything in my mind, even when it’s something I wish you will not know, but I just want to tell you. I’ve always be such a mature person in my past relationship, yet I’m not acting like one when I’m with you because I know I can just be the real me with you. You’re just so different from everyone else, though you’re not my first love, you’re not the one who taught me what is love, yet I love you with all my heart like I’ve never loved before.

You are always here whenever to listen to me, whether it’s ranting or whining or everlasting nonsense of mine, you never get tired of me. You always give the best advice and show me the way back home again. You always make me feel comfortable under the worst circumstance. You’re the light, my home, my bed and everything.

I’m sure that I could never find someone like you, for ever. I’m sure no one could ever love me like you, for ever.

I just love you this much hun.

I don’t even feel sorry for loving you this much.

I just want you all by myself. (selfish girlfriend here, teheee)

Happy Anniversary darling. =]

P.s. I’ll be there soon for you to reclaim all the hugs.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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