I can’t take my eyes off you.

I’m all ready to jump on the plane and fly all the way to Melbourne.

Started to stuff in my clothes, clothes and more thick jacket in during the weekend, but just realized that I can actually bring a bigger luggage since I can bring 20kg with me (so I won’t need to really stuff everything in that poor small luggage). So I took my time to take out all my packed stuff, and slowly threw all those into a bigger luggage bag. And I actually have so much of extra space for me to bring more souvenir back! (Okay my boyfriend will definitely knows what to do when he’s reading this)

But who cares if I really can bring all the awesome stuff back from there, I can’t stuff my boyfriend into my luggage. =/

Yet I’m really glad that I’ll be seeing him soon (yea, youuu!) And that one week is going to be so precious to me.

I just, can’t wait to see you again hun. It feels so different to be able to touch and feel you then just watching you moving on my screen. Though we’d been talking all these while, the feelings of you is fading when time passes by. I need that back. I need it back to ensure me to not think silly things or to complete the feelings in my heart. ‘Cause something is missing there – the touch of you is missing there.

I’m sorry to be selfish in this. For once I don’t know how to be generous enough to let go of you when I know that you’ll need to go through all the hard times just to come back for me. Forgive me to be this selfish because I don’t think I could ever find someone like you anymore.

Anyway (yea this is not suppose to be an emo post), I’ll be seeing youuu after so long!

Just 3 more days. =]



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