I can’t keep letting you unravel me.

I’ve tried my best to make it easier for you. I thought by writing to you will make you truly understand about how I felt and my reasons. I was sincere when I said I wish you the best thing in life.

But why do you have to hurt me in return? When you’d done enough already.

You said I shouldn’t had doubt you when you were willing to drop by after your work. But do you remember when was the last time you ever see me before I finally decided to leave? You said I made you doubt about people and love. But when did you ever prove to me that you are worth waiting for? You said you’d never compare me with anyone else. But is my decision of moving on with someone else means that I’m comparing you to him? You said don’t ever say “I love you” when I’m with someone else. But don’t you get the point that while I was writing that, it was the “I” whom had chose to leave, the she whom had finally gave all this up? You said you’re well aware of when did I get involved with someone else, and there’s no need for me to lie to myself. You, you don’t even know about me because if you do, you’ll never say that.

You’d put all the blames on me, what about those scars you’d left on me?

He was the one whom pull me through all the heartaches.

You never see how much I wanted to spend special occasions with you. You never know how insecure I felt when all you did was just left me alone after our argument. You never bother to feel my fear when others were telling me rumors about you and some other girl. You didn’t let me in, like how I’d let you in but decided it’s best to walk away.  You watched me cried when you have the choice of holding me tight. You took me for granted because you thought I’ll never leave you.

I let my guard down and I was vulnerable in front of you. And I’ve learnt to be strong walking away from you while I still get to know how you’re doing through social network. But I did  not do it to get myself hurt. I tried to be your friend, but all you gave me was there’s no need for us to meet up ever again.  And whatever you have to say on the social network is hurting me. And I can never understand why is it okay for you to hurt me this way, when you’re the one who is really getting hurt over all these.

I was once the vulnerable young girl whom was so in love with you. But I’ve move on and I can’t let you hurt me in any ways anymore. My wish of being your friend will not be able to be true, when you’re still angry over my decision of leaving you. I can’t bear to see or read whatever you have to say anymore. I have done enough to make things easier for you. So I’m hiding you away from my news feeds, while you can still remain on my friend list.

I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for not trusting the love we once shared.

And I’m sorry for finding someone who loves me enough to hold me when I got hurt from you, over and over again.

There’s no need for me to know whatever that’s happening to you.

I can’t be that kind to just stand there while you’re trying to hurt me with memories.

There’s no regret in loving you before this.

But this is enough.

I still wish you the best of life.

Don’t trap in this any longer. Move on.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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