Only one in a Million.

To my love one,

I know I’m not there, physically to assure you whatever I’ve said with hugs and kisses. But, always know that I mean every words that I’ve said okay?

You’re feeling insecure because you’re pretty new in handling this, I used to be insecure because I’m always afraid. Yes, I’ve always feel so secure with you around – talking to me on skype or knowing you’re loving me over the annoying distances. It’s more than enough for me to know that I’ve you to love me, while I know I love you a lot and feel secure with our relationship.

All the histories are only history now. They live in my heart and mind because that’s what had happened in my live. And I know for sure we’ll be making our own history, now and forever. Who will believe that we’re maintaining our relationship well enough, though we only got to spend one month together for real before you flying off to the foreign land. See, we’re making our own unforgettable history. =]

I love you tremendously hun.

So much that I’ll do everything just to be there with you.

Yet I know the time will come, and we’ll be holding forever in our hands.

Yours forever.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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