One day, I Do.

I remember during my very first job interview, the employer asked me a very funny question.

“You are not going to be married any time soon right?”

I laughed so hard and I answered No.

I was 21-years-old to think that it’s too early to talk about marriage.

Yet, I’m 22 this year and I’m thinking it’s really not too early to plan for a proper marriage.

Because I’ve found the man that I want to wake up with every morning.

And I have the song to sing at my wedding.

To show how much I love you hun, I’ll sing you this chinese song.


8 thoughts on “One day, I Do.

  1. hey, u may be do not know me. Bu i’ve read ur diary for a long time. Love the style you are. By the way, u know Chinese? I am chinese. Nice to meeting u. :)

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