It’s the November.

Yes, the one and only November that I’ve been looking forward since early this year.

November has no special meaning for me since I know about November. Oh, it did when I was a lot younger and was still wearing that white blouse with the dark/bright blue dress. It only meant “Holidays” for me back then. It was also my semester breaks during my university years.

But this year, it’s different. It says a lot just by the word – November.

November, the month that my lover will be landing on his motherland after being away for 8 months. November, the month which I’ll be feeling his arms around me again. The month where I’ll be feeling loved and pampered for real, but not over pixellated flashing images of my laptop. The month where you’ll find me at the airport again, with no luggages but open arms to welcome him after his long flight.

November, my love.

It hasn’t been easy for us lately to deal with the distance. Insecurity kills us (yea, not only this selfish me). It hurts so bad to watch him getting hurt without having the power to comfort him by giving him nice warm hugs and pats. I know it surely hurts him to see me getting confused over my future, having to stay where he was to help me sort my messy mind out. It doesn’t feel good at all, but we’re strong. We know we have this for real and all we have to do is just wait. The long-awaited day will be arriving soon.

I’ve never know that I can be this strong in relationship. The young and foolish me whom always cry for attention and rage for feeling hurt has died. I know I can never be this tough and firm with anyone else. Anyone else but him.

So my dear lover, I’m waiting for you here.

Forever has been waiting since the day we met.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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