You will come to me.

It’s midnight. And the reason I’m still here, typing my random thoughts here is because I just had my heavy late dinner a few hours ago. So I’m here to digest my mind and tummy.

My younger sister has just got back from her party with her college mates. I can see that she had a fun time with her mates, with some special moments with one of her guy friend. He showed special and extra attention on her just now, asking her to leave early so no one will lay hands on her when everyone else is seriously drunk. And sister noticed that he did not tell any of the other girls about that.

It reminds me of those young times that I had before. Come to think of that, I don’t remember any of those moments either. I just remember the feeling of being cared and pampered by the guy whom I was sort of interested in (yea, sis sort of interested in that guy, now and before? XD).

Everyone have their young moments, those memories that everyone cherish and embrace. The moment when you first felt butterflies in your stomach. The moment when you first notice that you’re actually interested in someone. The moment when you know you’re in love with someone. The moment when you have your first ever heartbroken moment. The moment when you know love is not as easy as it seen. The moment when you realize that you’re growing with all these experiences and memories.

I barely remember all these moments. I know I experienced some of those feelings with some other person later in my life. But people always say the first is the most memorable ones. Yet I think it depends on how you look at it. It can be very significant and memorable, but it’s all history. And no one lives in a history. History wouldn’t stay or live even if you choose to keep that alive in you. People moves on in order to complete their life.

But…It’s always good to feel that you have that kind of nice moments in your life. Then you’ll feel good in growing up because you can now view that kind of situation/moments maturely. You know whatever message that the other one is sending, it wouldn’t be true if it has not be told.

So my little sis, your right ones will come when God decided to put you through “Love”. I wish that you will never experience heartbreaks but be strong when you do encounter that in future. Because it’s always good to learn after experiencing a little bit of pain and fall.

One of the best thing in life is, knowing that you’re able to love someone. Falling head over heels for someone is the greatest thing that will make you stay strong in overcoming all obstacles in relationship.

Believe in love, and you’ll be loved.


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