Santa’s coming with good news!

Christmas is upon us!

I’m really looking forward to it only because it means I’ll be ending my first job engagement with my current company. It has been a bitter-sweet experience. I’m more than glad to know a bunch of great colleagues whom most of them wish I would choose to stay longer. It’s been really nice working with them but I’m looking forward to explore more in my new company.

And yea, I’ll be employed with an Advertising agency. *Yeaaaaahhhh!*

I don’t think I’ve ever mention it here that I wanted to get into an Advertising agency. I think I can develop a reasonable career in that industry. So, let’s see how I work out there.

I sure hope it’ll be a very good ones. =]

P.s. For the first time in my life, I wish New Year stays where it is now.



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