The Confession, by yours sincerely.

I’ve came across a few blogs which happened to post about their new engagement with their long-term boyfriend, whom is now their fiancé. One of the proposal actually got posted on 9gag ’cause the guy actually proposed using memes (How I wish I’ll have something similar because you have no idea how much I’m addicted to 9gag and memes)! Another one is not so great but it’s still sweet enough to read that proposal post.

I’m not trying to say that I wish to be proposed (Too young too young, though I have friends who are married and have kids already) but the fact that I have not constantly update about my life here – the one place that I’ve always felt like it’s safe to split my darkest secret, uncontrollable mood swings, wacky ideas and undeniable real story of mine. Reading people’s blog made me realized how much I’ve withdrew from my blog since I’ve left university.

I don’t know what’s the reason that I’ve stopped blogging so much here – I used to blog once in every day and if I were to be in a bad mood I’ll probably have 2/3 posts in a day. Maybe is the fact that I’m not longer that happy innocent student that only worries of academic and assignments and examinations. Maybe is the fact that I’m a mature gown-up now after I realized how much responsibilities I have towards my family and the society. Maybe is the fact that I’m working 8-hours a day now and I’m incredible lazy to type nor face my lappy after working hours (Okay, this is not so true because I still do it for the sake of wanting to see my boyfriend over Skype).  Maybe is the fact that, I am no longer that girl whom always felt free to share everything about her over the internet, making it as public as it could be and risking people whom I prefer not to read it to go through it.

But.. Whatever the real reason it is, I can’t forgive or make myself believe that I have a solid and valid reason to stop my love for blogging.

I’ve been blogging for so long, since I was in high school using Friendster’s Blog. I’ve been that girl whom dare to explore everything on the internet and try out everything new – I tried out all kind of blogging software which I finally settled down with WordPress, I was the first one in the family to explore Facebook back in 2007, I was the main supplier in the house for movies and songs. How could I drop my passion for blogging for all the absurd reasons I’ve stated above?

And all of the sudden, I’m hating myself for ditching blogging for such a long time already.

All the famous blogger around the world keep their blogs alive by all sort of posts about their life, a food blogger constantly updates new recipes and reviews about good restaurants. And the question is, what have I done using my blog after all these time?

Nothing.other than whining about my own life and stuff.

I do not wish to become some famous blogger (okay maybe I secretly wish to be one but I doubt I’m that kind of material, oh well simply because I don’t really take photos of anything everywhere). I just wish I could be that old me whom update the blog like no one business.  #likeaboss

So, please yell at me, throw banana skin at me, or just text me (if you know me in real life) to remind me that I’ve not been typing here, okay? *big wet eyes*

And boyfriend just messaged saying I’ll get freshly baked prune cakes later! *Yummmmmm*


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