I played that record all night.

One year ago, I could still wake up at 10am without worrying about being late for anything else other than classes and assignments. Those were the most beautiful days of mine during my late teenage years. Endless time spent with friends and mates, being fearlessly towards uncertainties and never lost faith in myself.

Before you even notice how fast the time has passed, the ambiguity behinds everything tore down the wall of confidence and hope. That was the time when I woke up wearing that big black robe, realizing that I’ll be stepping into the one and only existing world – Reality. No one can never run from it, no matter how much fear everyone has in their heart, the Reality will still be waiting you after every getaway. The Reality, the Working world which teaches you about true responsibilities, interpersonal relationships and others important aspects in life.

But I know I have something in me, that’ll I’ve learned to treasure and embrace – my childishness. I’m playful and I know I’ll always want to explore more and more in everything. And I’ll admit that I’m blur under certain circumstances. I used to tell myself to be mature all the time and childishness is unacceptable. But then I realized that it’s not possible for me to deny and hide my naughty yet very-me side all time. So I chose to only show it in front of my love ones.

It’s almost the end of 2011. Maybe, you’ll wait for my review post of the year? =]


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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