I don’t want to wake up, to feel the loss.

I’m certainly in the mood for blogging today.

I was driving back home after work, it’s my usual road to get back home passing by Kesas Highway. I know that one sentence had stuck in my head since I first came across of it on Facebook.

Driving back home from Kesas will never be the same again. RIP. – EeLyn

I always let go of the accelerator slowly whenever this sentence came back to me. I know I’ve been watching the road, trying to figure out where was the actual accident place. Then I know I have to stop thinking about this because I’ll end up freaking myself out. But I also know that it has taught me to be even more careful on the road.

Then I was passing the roundabout in order to turn into my house.I was taking the 3pm-turns when I realized there were a few cars stopping at the side and people gathered on the grassy divider. I didn’t managed to see what was going on there, but then again the accident came into my mind. I didn’t get myself too distracted because of what I’ve just seen, I managed to get home safe and sound.

While we were having dinner, I asked dad if those people were still there when he was on his way back. He said they were still there and apparently there was a Kancil on the grassy divider, leading against the lamppost? There was an accident.

And I certainly felt like, oh no please make this stop. God, please make everything alright again.

My dear friend who is reading this, please be safe. Please, promise me.

P.s. I wish the girlfriend of my junior will stay strong for everyone else, and herself.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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