You are loved.

It wasn’t an easy day for me yesterday, after finding out my junior from my high school passed away in an accident yesterday.

Though I don’t know him personally, but I felt the great agony all his friends and family are feeling now. I’ve been there, I knew how it feels like to lose a friend in the blink of an eye – the moment where the whole world breaks down and no one can ever save you out from the mess in your head and heart.

It’s been a while since she’s gone, it’s been 2 years.

The memories are still clear and fresh, those moments with her were the greatest moments I had in university. And how could I ever forget the heartbreaking moment when I heard the it-might-be-her sentence from kahweng. I was still talking to Asyraf about that tragic news few minutes ago before answering that phone call. And all I could do later was to call her phone, continuously hoping that she would pick up and said she’s safe and, alive.

I later found out that one of our classmate had her cellphone while the rescue teams were searching for her, and he saw all my missed calls on her cellphone. I wanted to buy the next train ticket to be there for her, I wish something or someone could teleport me there so I could held her hands, even if it’s cold.

My junior’s buddy is flying back from Canada, just to see him one last time. You can imagine how heartbroken he was to receive the news miles away and the first thing he did was to buy the earliest flight back to home, so he could see his bro for the very last time.

All the comments and statues on Facebook are so heart-tearing, just like when everyone received the news of her.

It wasn’t easy to see her lying there not responding to any of our calls. It was raining and I broke down right in front of her. She was the bravest, smartest and beautiful young girl in our class and everyone who went to the funeral together broke down when we were sending her out.

I could imagine the same thing happen to the junior’s family and friends. It’s not easy but it’ll be better.

I wish his family and friends are coping well and may him rest in peace.

And, I miss her, that much.


4 thoughts on “You are loved.

  1. actually recently sometime i thinking about her.
    and last last last time i go and search the incident that day!
    Miss her so much!

  2. Yes, I’ve been thinking of her a lot lately.
    How we wish we could go back and make everything right again, right?

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