Time for a professional goodbye.

This will be my very last post, typing with this Dell keyboard in this cozy office (oh well it has been quite stuffy ’cause the air-conditioner broke down) environment. I’ll be missing everyone here, I’ll be thinking of them when I’m at the whole new environment.

Everyone has been reasonably nice to me, though we had argument and disagreement. Office politics once broke us apart but time healed everything and now we’re like good buddy. And it’s so heavy-hearted to leave, now, at this time.

It’s good to know that everyone whom I’ve dealt with appreciate my work here. It’s more than enough to listen to that “What should we do once you leave? No one can help us any more”. It’s just so heart-warming to realize that everyone here wanted me to stay, even just for a little longer.

I’ve never felt like this before, not even when I left my day care tutor job. I’ve never had this mix and contradicting feelings inside. I know I made the right decision to leave, but little did I know it would be this hard to actually tell everyone goodbye.

Some of the colleagues took effort to pay me a meal or snack before I actually leave. My dearest department will be having a delayed farewell with me next week. I want to hug everyone goodbye, I don’t know how to make this easier for me.

I’m running out of time now, I’ll be leaving here in 30 minutes.

Let’s hope the annual dinner will be a great ones, and pictures will be uploaded soon.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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