A farewell full of laughter.

This was supposed to be posted before I went off to celebrate my Christmas with my respective family at boyfriend’s place. But, I didn’t managed to finish this post before heading out. So please bear with all the tenses ’cause I lazy to do editing. I hope everyone had a really joyful Christmas celebration with family and I’ll definitely update mine, soon.

A very good morning on a jolly Christmas day!

I didn’t spend my Christmas Eve very specially, only skyped with my dearest boyfriend while sitting at home with parents. No sumptuous meal, no turkey with sides, no fireworks, no big noise crowd at somewhere and no Christmas songs. #pokerface.jpg It was just simple Taiwanese dishes somewhere nearby, Rachael Yamagata’s songs, edited my last-day-at-work pictures, and watched some random Chinese movie on Astro.

But, it was certainly a great joyful celebration with my colleagues the day before Christmas Eve. It was my company Christmas Party aka Annual Dinner 2011, and also my very last day at work. I was happily snapping pictures with colleagues and Jin even commented saying “No one spend their last day like this one lar” when I forced him to take a picture with me. #lol.jpg

The amateur-bimbo sherlynn with me.
She always said I don’t love her any more because I’m leaving, but the truth is I love her and others so much that it’s aching inside to know that I’m leaving there for good.

anson, the Dai Ga Jie & I.
She’s my heroine, my guardian, my mentor and my good friend who I can always count on whenever I met difficulties at work or even personal stuff. How I wish I could still work with her.

 The one who joined the company on the same day as me – meilin.
We’ve been through thick and thin together, faced the same damned office politic together, finished project by project together. And I miss how we always ask berger to buy us free Chatime.

Soon, everyone left for Annual Dinner preparation. Everyone dressed up in red, wore cute red Santa hat and deer Christmas headband to spread the Christmas spirit. And you know all those Chinese celebration dinner, people will never be on time. So me and boyfriend was nomming on peanuts while waiting for people to arrive.

God of luck wasn’t with me that night because I didn’t win anything from the Lucky Draw of course. So jealous to see people going up to the stage and received grand prizes like iPhone, iPad and antivirus software. The only fun thing was, I sort of volunteered myself to become the leader of the table to play games. It was fun to see people taking off their leather shoes, high heels, stocking, and fought for soda drinking just to win the game.

Didn’t manage to take any of those event because I’m too lazy to flood my blog with pictures. But let me introduce you more of my colleagues.

weisern on the left who I recently got closed with and jackson on the right whom tried very to talk me into extending my resignation.

The guys from my company whom I always dealt with. They are awesome and were being kind and friendly to me. Gonna miss their jokes and funny faces when they request news.

Dolled up us at the Annual Dinner. Definitely wishing to meet them soon!

Three of us got the continuous number from 23 to 25 for gift exchange session! And I got myself a set of cute designed cup for Christmas.

So that was how I spent my last day at work and later at the company annual dinner. The annual dinner is better than last year simply because boyfriend is around and I thank him for taking all the pictures for me.


This post will end with a picture of my lovely bimbo trying to photobomb me, and succeed. #successkid.jpg


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