Nothing will ever be the same again.

It’s that time of the year again.

What I’ve been doing for the past 365 days? What did I achieved in the year of 2011? I don’t really know – I mean the time just literally flew by and never come back again. But, let’s see what I’ve done the past year.

I’m finally an independent adult who go to work from 9am to 7pm. #pokerface.jpg I’m used to the waking-up-at-8am-and-only-wait-for-the-clock-to-stop-at-7pm routine. But good thing about my job is that I wouldn’t have to go through massive jam because the office is just down the highway! Anyway, all these don’t matter if I hate my job. Well, to be frank, I do not hate my job. I just don’t see a future in it (Okie, I have problems with some of the annoying people but it’s all okay when we successfully solved the issues), so I just decided to move on from it. And successfully got a brand new attracting offer before 2011 ended! #successfulkid.jpg

One great thing about my very first job experience is, I met great, inspiring and very different individual from this company, whom had taught me to look at things differently. It’s really nice to have a super kind, helpful and trustworthy supervisor, whom you knew she’ll always have your back no matter what happen at work. I’m more than grateful to find best friend at work, who I can talk about everything and anything with them – from work to personal and personal to craps! It’s too fun to have them around, but it tore me inside to leave them after one year of knowing them. But I know, we’ll keep in touch. Once friend, forever we’ll be.

When I’ve stepped into the very-cruel-yet-real working world, I’m also thankful that I have my best friends around me. Though we’ve been going the different paths after high school, we still hang out together to listen to others – to be there for them.

Taken on my birthday at Chatime.

We still celebrate everyone’s birthday at different places. We still do yamcha session once in awhile to keep everyone up-to-date. We be there for each other all the time, attending each other’s convocations with blossom flowers and warm hugs. No one wants to miss out the chance to see their best friend in Harry-Potter robe and square hat – the moment everyone has been looking forward to every since we were called a University/College student.

Crazy fun night after xingying's convocation.

It’s been years since we met and known each other, and the days are still counting. I know no matter where they are, they’ll be forever here with me, supporting me like I’ll do for them. It might be a tough 2011, but I wish that 2012 will be a lovely ones for them.

A friendship that will never dies.

I’m proud to announce that……….I’m not married! #trollface.jpg Of course I’m not, but I’ve been to 3 different country in a year time! I definitely love the sun, beaches, big waves and the feeling of being in Bali. It was such an awesome experience and now I dream to have my wedding pictures captured there. LOL!.(Just realize that I didn’t upload a Bali trip picture, so no picture to support my writing above. But, I really really do love there!)

And……! I’ve been to Italy *throw banana and more local fruits but not durians in the air* It was definitely a dream-comes-true for me to be able to land on the land of Italy, breathing the fresh cooling air with sunglasses and pretty little dresses. The Italian food was very delicious and I just love every single bits of Italy, except the fact that people there doesn’t really speaks English. So communication failed.

You know the building there!

Melbourne is the only destination where I flew that 7-hours of flight, alone. It wasn’t too comfortable to fly that long night flight with lots of crying babies on board. But it was all worth it to stand beside him at the arrival hall, pretending like I’m waiting for someone too. The one hug he gave me after he realized I was standing beside him actually felt unreal. It’s been months since I last saw him for real, I just didn’t know what to feel nor think at that time, other than telling myself that this is real – he’s with me.

It was like a 10-days-9-nights dream for me. To spend all the time with only him was amazing. He was back for Summer break and had flew back to Aussie again just 2 days ago. And gawd I miss him like crazy. It was just around this time last year when both of us got to really know each other. He was there to talk to me about everything, he’s still here to hold me hard before I fail and fall. Of course we’re not the prefect couple, we still have disagreement and he’ll still be annoyed, disappointed and mad at me. But it all doesn’t matter as long as we both know we will never want to lose this relationship over those solvable issues.


He’s different, he’s unique, he’s mine. I wish the eternity will last between us.

I’m well aware that I’ve hurt someone this year too. I don’t know what else to be said regarding that because people just tend to only look at things in their own shoes. It wasn’t easy to deal with that but I’ve managed to move on from that. I wish that person well and good, hopefully no past will hunt him down in dreams.

Oh well.. It wasn’t a total bad 2011, isn’t it?

I hope everyone will be having a great and prosperous 2012 ahead.

Be healthy, be wealthy, be grateful, be safe.

Happy New Year! =]


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