In another life, promises will be kept.

I’ve come across this post of 9gag today (Yea, I surf on everyday and my sister called me a geek).

I know you can’t really read it here because it’s too small, so please do click on the image to go directly to the post. *winks*

If you’d finished the 9gag post, I know surely the sadness and heartache is somehow lingering in your heart. Not everyone had been into that situation before, but maybe you’d encountered someone whom had lost someone so dearly to them and had difficulties in getting over that great agony.

And I always wonder, how do people cope with all the distress and despair causing by the lost of their loved ones. I’ve lost people I loved before due to natural life cycle, and also sickness and accidents.

I always have this thinking in my head, where if you lost someone simply because of the life cycle or severe health problems, it’s not very hard to overcome the agony of lost. But, if it’s something unpredictable aka accidents, it’s always very hard for people to accept the sudden fact and the overwhelming emotions.

Then, I’ll always think and think and think, how can one manage to get it over with? How can one still be able to love another ones when they’ve once lost someone they loved, so unexpectedly? I know one will always manage to love again, but….will that feeling reminds one about the one that got away? Will there be a comparison between both love?

I don’t know for sure because I’ve never been there. All I have is my own very small brain to justify this whole thing.

I know it’s gonna be as hard as you can imagine at the very start, then days by days the feelings will lingers in the heart and moving on seems like a mission impossible. But then there’ll be a point where the acceptance comes in. One day, the fact of the someone is gone will be accept and going through daily intercourse without him/her seems a little bit easier than before. Then you start smiling and feeling again. Yet always remember that one person who once lighted up your life.

I have friends whom had been there but I dare not to bother them with my stupid question. Yet I always have this very upset feelings and the question whenever I come across this kind of news.

I do not know what else to be written about this.

It will forever be a question without an answer.


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