I got to be unconditionally unafraid of my days without you.

I want you between me and the feeling I get when I miss you.

I remember how I always ran my fingers through my phone’s keyboard to search for this song recording you made for me. I hugged my phone to listen to it before I go to bed. I played it at the side when I was driving. I had it repeated like a thousand times on my laptop.

I should have know that, it’s the sign of me falling for you.

I got used to you whispering things to me into the evening.

I don’t remember exactly when did I started to enjoy talking to you. I knew it was easy to talk to you, though you are the 101% English-educated guy and I’m the 101% Chinese-educated girl. The conversation always went very easily and no awkward long pauses or so. And then I don’t remember when did you started to whisper things to me, into evenings or midnights, in your warm arms.

Show me a clock for counting my days down.

When all of the sudden, you’re thousand miles away from me, and what we have were/are just memories and skype. The distance wasn’t very easy to be dealt with, but we managed it anyway. Sometimes it feels too lonely to be alone here, to just see you over the webcam and get virtual hugs and kisses. And I know it wasn’t easy for you too. So we had this clock in our heart, counting down to the day when we’ll finally be together again.

I’m so glad to have you again for one month and 6 days.

And whenever you go it’s like holding my breath under water.

I couldn’t gather the courages to send you off at airport, again. The tears were running down my cheek like a broken water pipe. The feelings were killing me, it’s like I’m losing you. I know you’ll be coming back again, yet I hate to feel like I’m losing you to…whatever-it-is.

Then now, we’re back to the same old routine.

Come back, and find me.

In a few months time, you’ll be back. And I’ll have home.


Everything’s easier when you’re beside me.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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