To my spiky hair.

I still remember the very first time that I saw you.

International airport. Coming down from a cab with your parents. Reminding me of someone I know. Kept watching you at the airport. Glad to find out that we were on the same tour.

I guess, you’ve successfully gained my attention even before you speaks to me. I wasn’t myself since I met you. Or maybe you’re the one who actually reveal the true me inside.

Maybe..I already know I will love you that time. No matter how hard I tried to talk myself into believing it will all never turns out right.

I waited for your emails. I responded to your messages. I went out with you, a lot of times. It all started to went out of control and I was so evil. But you said, it was my evilness that we now have us.

365-days ago, I didn’t know that we will go this far. It all seems to be a normal outing with my family. We were just being “friendly” in inviting you for the movie and dinner. And then, before I even realize what I was doing, I was leaning on your shoulder like I’ve done it a thousand times already. Walking in the almost-empty mall with my arms in yours made me felt like, finally….a calming home.

No will-you-be-my-girlfriend question was being asked, but here we are holding each other close to us for a year from the date we both agreed to be The-Day we got  together officially.

Though we spent most of this one year apart, we did it okay in maintaining this relationship. Having distances between us doesn’t make this relationship easier or harder, simply because we trust and treasure each other enough to talk things through over skype. #successfulkid.jpg And sometimes we ran out of ideas of what to talk about, I could still look at you without having to say anything and don’t feel awkward about it.

You’ve been very patient and loving, thank you so much for having to deal with my childishness and emoness at times. Soon you’ll be home and I could jump on you to tell you how much I’ve missed you.

And how glad I am to have you in my life, for now and later.



Whisper to the Tame Animal

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