Falling Head Over Heels For Lotus Flower.


Someone whom is infatuated with me updated my blog for me when I was sick. Indeed, food poisoning for twice in least than a month time is not good. Even my boss is asking me whether I’m doing good or not for two days! I should really watch what I eat…or at least try not to eat so much of oily and spicy food.

I was lucky that I didn’t got the food poisoning when I was in Siem Reap. Simply ’cause I really do love that place and I intend to visit that place again but not during super hot Summer time ’cause I got myself so tanned now. And yea, I’m tanned and dark, too late to apply sunscreen to save my pity fair skin. I hope the lotion I’ve been applying will help in recovering from the sunburn. *finger crossed*

Siem Reap is awesome! The people is nice and friendly. The Khmer food is surprisingly good but sweeter. Angkor Wat is huge and historical. I really love Bakong Temple and I think it stands out from all the temples because of its unique structure.

And, Siem Reap has the most beautiful lotus garden of the world.

p.s. I’m loving the one stalker who’s infatuated with me. =]


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