Skinny bodies carry dreams.

Let’s see.

Yeap, I’ve been very lazy lately.

May I put the blame on my crazily increasing workload at work? Job has been acceptingly kind to me, though sometimes I wish I could just punch my client in the face, for their poor briefing has led to my double work. Ish! I guess all clients will never be sure what they want and how they want their product/service to be presented in front of the audience.

Good thing is that I’ve successfully blended in with my colleagues. My colleagues are all quite young (okay lar i am still the youngest in the office but will never be after this year) so it’s not very hard to communicate and have fun with them during work. But, it’s still very different from my previous company as current one has more work to do and even more meeting to attend.

Oh! Speaking of which, I’ve attended Hermes Malaysia Spring/Summer 2012 Ready-To-Wear fashion show! My company hosted the event and I volunteered myself to help up during the event. So I actually travelled by monorail to Pavilion and had the chance to see super tall yet very skinny models (yea walking beside them made me felt like I was a midget). The fashion show was quite good ’cause I’ve actually seen it for like 3 times and I think they’ve managed to sell few pieces of the clothing/accessories that day. Bravo to my colleagues, models and Hermes’ people!

That was the first time I wandered around a branded shop and not having some random sales person following me trying to make sure I don’t break anything. I even got the chance to TOUCH their stuff (OMG I was so lucky!) and oh well realize that I would never got the chance to buy their stuff after looking at the price tags. Ohhh! I even had the chance to meet so many Datin on the same day and actually realize there’re really rich and welathy people who can spend without looking at the price tag in Malaysia.

So, in conclusion, work has been quite okay and I’ve managed to sleep peacefully at night. No more worry-thinking-about-work at night. *winks*

And I couldn’t wait to meet my darling former colleagues on coming Saturday!

P.s. And you, yes you.


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