You Go Crazy When They Send You to Waiting Room.

The thought of wanting to go somewhere desperately has become so viral, especially when there’s Airasia Free Seats!

Yes yes, I was so in the mood for a getaway just because my colleagues flew to Phuket this week. It felt like, it has been so long since my last holiday! *ahem*itwasinmarch*ahem* So yea I got so desperate I went to surf Airasia website. And! I found out there’s Free Seats Promotion! *throw banana skin in the air*

For your information, me and my boyfriend missed out our Port Dickson trip last year because something came out. So I was surfing the website, trying to figure out where can we go with the cheap air fare. Then, I picked Langkawi and he agreed! *Wheeeeeeeee!*

But, lesson learnt! Never wait for a second to think of whether you should grab the ticket or not when there’s Free Seats Promotion! Because, in just one second the rate will change and you’ll need to pay more, or people are just faster than you in making decision. So, we have to to choose Feb instead of Jan purely because there’s no more cheap tickets in Jan. But, it’s okay ’cause we still get to travel together and enjoy sunshine, beaches, snorkeling, bikinis and all. *super excited*

When my mom heard of our trip, she went to check and wanted to go with us together. But too bad my dad couldn’t make it for that time and it has made it an officially couple trip!

So let’s shout with me!

Huray! Huray! Huray!

And I hate it when the website send me to waiting room.


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