Monday Blues, No?

I know how everyone has this thing about Monday Blues. Even my favorite radio station, Red FM was talking something about Monday this morning.

It’s actually not that bad. Work was as usual but I hate it when we need to rush something out, on that day itself. I like to have time to come out with ideas and develop it into something beautiful. Lunch was alright since it’s almost the same everyday. And nope, no one yells at me or scream about my work. It probably went a bit crazy ’cause I have menstrual cramps and had to take painkiller for the sack of my workload. Leave work late but luckily the traffic was quite clear. Came back home and found my doggy is thinner after a grooming.

Basically, it wasn’t that bad right?

But I tore my favorite pants and that sucks.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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