Drenched In My Mind.

I think the weather is fooling me.

My nose is blocked, so does my ears. I have the feelings that fever is coming back, again.

Then I remember there was a time last year when I fell sick for times in 2 months. Could it be happening again? Probably but I can’t afford to fall sick for these few months as my working schedule is packed until September? Or even later I’m not even sure.

And, I’m thinking maybe I should travel down to Penang to visit my dearest Kelly, some time later. It’s been so long and how long has she left us here? I’ve lost count of time and it really doesn’t matter. As I couldn’t call her or receive message from her. As I can never wish her Happy Birthday and no surprises from her anymore. As she’s now gone and I’m here thinking of her. Sometimes I wonder if I could miss her without having the feeling to cry. Yet I know, someone is hurting more than me.

Laying back on the sofa, I can hear my dogs barking at something outside and my sister is peaking outside to find out why. Soft music is playing in my mind and I just wish I could lie and sleep till July. Only to find out that I’ve survived so far.

I think the weather is fooling me, as I’m getting sleepy.


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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