A Saturday Filled With Me & Myself

It’s the I-can-sleep-all-I-want-without-having-to-realize-that-I-need-to-get-to-work Saturday!

Okie I know I’ve been MIA for a while here since I’m always too stressed out at work and gets too lazy to type anything here. It’s like I’ve lost my interest in blogging and just stalk people’s blog under my blanket at night. But nope I’m not doing that. So here am I trying to post something to keep my blog alive!

So this is it – my lovely corner in my office where I crack my head for new ads and script!

I was surprised to be led to this seat when I was came to this company because it’s a L-shaped desk! *oh my god it feels like i’m an important person in the company* But I figured out that the reason behind this is to have a seat for people to come and talk to me for briefing and brainstorming. Not get it wrong, I’m just a copywriter in the company. =]

So, I’ll always pile up magazines of all three languages on my right hand side. Whenever I need ideas, I’ll just grab one and start flipping it like a boss. Then magically I’ll get idea on some random page and leave the magazine at a side and never really read it anymore. Oh wait, I do when I really have nothing else better to do and this is like the best thing about my job – FREE magazines to read no need to spend your own money!

And that’s my schedule being sellotaped on the window. You don’t know how important to do so because it reminds me when to rush client or my AE to rush client to send back confirmation in order to meet the deadline! I wouldn’t want to bear the responsibility of client missing the deadline and miss the printing time yo! And every month, I would have to update the schedule and I can foresee for the coming few months, it wouldn’t be too nice and I would have to start pulling my hair to finish my work. *starting to pull hair*

Okies enough of updates regarding my work. This!

London, The Summer Musical tickets from a complete stranger!

Yes you heard me right. I got the ticket for free from a stranger, strangely at the high-class mall aka Pavilion. My colleague and I was there to attend my client’s press conference and we were about to leave after that. Being me, I showed a car the way to our parking slot as the car was following us hoping we’re leaving. Before we actually drove off, the man came down and was standing in front of our car! *freaked out* Yeap yeap me and my colleague freaked out as he just popped right in front of our car and I was thinking “ohshit please don’t let any bad happen to us!

Surprisingly, he gave us these tickets claiming that he wouldn’t be able to make it as his work require him to board a ship soon. He really appreciated our kindness(?) and so he decided to give us the tickets. *Wheeeeeeee! Karma pays off!* My colleague have things planned out on the musical day, so I took the tickets and went with boyfriend instead.

It was my first musical show and me first time stepping into Sunway Lagoon. *Been living in Klang Valley areas for more than 10 years and yes I’ve never been to Sunway Lagoon before for no apparent reason* The musical really wasn’t that bad although I’m not too familiar with all the songs. And, me shall go for more musical if I have the chance!

Of all the food, I’m craving for luncheon meat today.

Luncheon meat pasta with wild mushrooms shall be for lunch! =D

Good day you.

P.s. Promise to update more and get less lazy.


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