Little Getaway

Hai, thank you for still visiting my blog! *big smiles*

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long while. And there’s only one reason to it which is I’m getting very lazy to update about my life. Why? Because I wouldn’t want to rant here after I’ve whined about work in front of my boyfriend *sorry boyfriend!* And it’s also because life has been the same way without anything interesting happens to me. So yea life has been usual with just work, home, eat, surf net, sleep and work. 


I got inspiration from a friend and arranged a surprise getaway for me and my boyfriend. It’s also more like a pre-birthday celebration for both of us *yea boyfriend is exactly one year older than me* And so we went off to Melaka and spent one night there walking around Jonker Street.

Boyfriend and his Fish Otak-otak Rice.

With my food – Nyonya Laksa Noodles!

It was more like a food trip because we didn’t have enough time to visit other place other than Jonker Street. But it was still great to spend a weekend far from the city and boyfriend said we should go again! *yea I certainly need more holidays work is so stressful!*

I should update about our birthday celebration in my next post, haven got the pictures from my photographer sister yet.

Enjoy the last picture, here!


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