Red Blossom Flowers Means Wedding!

I’ve abandoned my blog long enough to come back and realize it’s snowing in my blog!

Yea, snow will soon cover the dirt I’ve collected throughout these months.

I couldn’t believe that it’s the end of 2012 and the brand new year is coming, again. It surely felt like I’ve just kick-started my 2012 but come to think of it, I’ve done so many things this year! But nah I think I’m too lazy to do my yearly review post ’cause I’m just too lazy to do it, or maybe who knows I will have the thought of it later.

Anyway, let’s flood this post with wedding updates!

yee ying with yee yiing

No sorry to disappoint you but it was not my wedding.

For the first time in my life, I’ve become bridesmaids for my darling Elaine’s wedding! All bridesmaids met up before the wedding and discussed on what challenges should we prepare for the groom and groomsmen. Since Elaine didn’t want a nasty ones like what you can search from the internet, we made it as classy as it could. But of course, bitter tea, wasabi and lemon was still on the to-do list.

It was very fun watching groomsmen taking up challenges for the groom (Pictures click here). But all bridesmaids were not very amused because the wedding chaperon was annoyingly stopping us to get ang pau and was trying to stop us to play other games. But it was okay as long as Elaine has the best wedding day in her life.

All bridesmaids at the wedding dinner.

The best thing about wedding dinner is, it’s the best time to meet friends who you have not meet since forever!

 Karen, yeeying and alex at the wedding dinner. Reunion!

I can’t wait to attend my uni’s friend wedding again to catch up with old friends.

And I know I’m having on coming May next year. *bigsmileonmyface*


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