When Work Serves Dessert

You know there’s a time before you actually enter the working world, you’ll fantasize how perfectly it would be for you, only to realize later how suck it could be.

I had a time like that too but I’m glad for not having to realize that it’s actually really bad.


Because I actually like my job. Literally.

Though there’re times when my clients were being such a pain in the arse. And there’re times when some people just wouldn’t want to make my job easier. Or probably there’re times when I need to stay back to complete some work before I could call it a day.

But there’re always a time when I feel I’m being appreciated in the company. My effort has been recognized and the feelings I get always give me this goosebumps. The best feeling in the working world is just as simple as words from your boss telling you that you’ve done great. I’m thankful for working in an environment where I feel that I could and should give it all out.

And most importantly, it wouldn’t be as great as it is now without these people.

They say work hard, play harder! That’s what we do even when we’re in office and everyone has things in mind.

Just go crazy for that one moment to release stress and who cares there are deadline, more planning and more liaising-with-clients to do!

And after work parties! Dinners or sometimes sing-k!

Work life balance achieved and I’m really happy that this is a company without any annoying office politics argh I really hate working in company which has lots of “politics” issues.

So I think I really love working in this company.

Make it another greater year next year please!


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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