It’s Okay to Say Goodbye And Welcome.

So I guess it’s time to say goodbye?

I know not everyone can take the goodbye, but it’s not always bad to turn and leave, right? There’re always lights and hopes in front, move forward then you’ll always discover something new, things that are more touching and meaningful to our lives.

There’re no regrets to be held on, there ain’t any sorry to be said. Oh maybe there’re a few untold words which better left unsaid. And no one will ever put blame on you just because silence is your best friend when you wishes to step back and avoid any harsh arguments. I don’t know what else to say, I’ve even forgotten moments when I wish to just spill it out, to say how angry, upset and disappointed I was. I only wish I could be less agitated in the future, be more mature and considerate to others, and myself.

I think I will never have a change in me. I mean, who has so much pride in themselves other than me? The ego I have in myself couldn’t allow me to take people’s shitty opinions when it comes to my work. Maybe there are times when I was just being too arrogant but I swear to have a little control of myself later, and I’ll come to my senses that sometimes I just have to stop caring about what other people’s do, think or say. It’s not worth it at all to have your cells die because someone else couldn’t be responsible. Isn’t it?

They always say, love yourself more if not others wouldn’t. I guess, I’ve been loving myself really well to have someone so special to be by my side. Even at this time, when it’s time to address the hardest goodbye, he is still there watching me to make sure I’ll be alright. The warmness of his hands have kept me calm and it would be the strangest thing to not feel it every second of my life. Maybe, this is the one reason I would look back and realize how much I missed those old days, to still have him until the day I’m old enough to enjoy a cup of English tea on a sunny Monday.

There are always so much to say when it comes to an end. An end which leads to endless new choices and decisions. I only wish for the best.

For you. For me. For the one I loved. For those who loved me. For those who hated me.

Thank you for still recognizing my existence in this world.

Let’s have a big hug before we say goodbye.

And welcome 2013, you’ll be as nice as 2012, right?


Whisper to the Tame Animal

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