It means more than Valentine’s.

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I’m definitely loving it much. =]

It’s February and it’s all about love and caring ’cause of the heart-warming Valentine’s Day. This year, I don’t have boyfriend around to accompany me so it was a boring ones. But…not exactly because I shed tears at the international airport after watching my best friend flew away on Valentine’s Day.

It must be the worst Valentine’s Day because of the worst traffic ever on that day. I was already tearing when I was stuck in bad traffic and my friend called saying they’re about to leave to airport. I tried so hard not to sound like a crying baby. But luckily, I managed to hop up on another friend’s car and rushed to airport.

And then, you know how it’s like to send someone off. I was upset for not being able to send another 2 best friends off too because I need to go to work. But they know I love them and I’ll always be there for them over the distances. =]

And I love them so much I threw them a happening (it’s up to you to define “happening“) farewell party! 3 of them wanted to go to Souled Out which is very famous among football fans apparently. One note for whoever wanted to go there, please make a reservation because you wouldn’t want to wait in a long queue.

It was really a fun night with everyone. Everyone was busy taking down memorable pictures with each other while some of the guys were intensely watching football game. Oh well, it was MU versus Liverpool and you can’t tell me to stop them from watching it right? But it was so cool to listen to the audience/customers to sing MU’s club song loudly when they’ve won the match. It was really….cooool!

Girls of the night.

She was the one who left on Valentine’s night. It’s was hard to watch her walk away but we all know she’s leaving for a better future. One and a half year is too short to be upset about right? Soon, she’ll be back and we can have fun again.

With sweet xingying. <3

I didn’t manage to send him off but he managed to give me two big hugs the night before he left. I know it’s gonna be a bit lonely without him around but I’ll look forward to the day when he’s finally back. And I just noticed I didn’t managed to take pictures with another good mate chiunyoong! Argghhhh.

Epic jinshan!

This is like the best event I ever have in February. Okay maybe I should minus out my personal valentine’s celebration to say that. I wish we could do it again and again, for whatever purpose but to have all of you together with me, I fell blessed.

Lovely group picture of the night.

Oh btw, have I told you about boyfriend coming back soon? =D


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